The Seeker Series: Aaron Christian

Lyst’s Seeker series celebrates creatives who know what they want, and hunt down the things they love. This isn’t about collections, obsessions or status symbols, it’s about the value of finding the items that bring you joy. It’s about things not stuff, and the stories behind the search.

Aaron Christian

Aaron Christian is a film, commercial and content director. He’s the founding Editor of London style collective INDIVIDUALISM, and was formerly Video director at MR PORTER. His work consists mainly of directing, particularly in the fashion and design field, and he aims to incorporate an element of wit and humour into everything he creates.

What do you seek?

I’m a proper seek geek when it comes to fragrances and perfumes. It’s one of my hobbies and one of the rare things I tend to collect. I’m not too big on collecting or accumulating ever since I read the Marie Kondo book about tidying-up (I try to keep as little as possible). But fragrances are the one thing that I bend the rule for. I tend to travel a lot for both work and pleasure and I make it my target to buy a fragrance from each place I travel to (if possible a local fragrance).

I’m also currently looking for a really nice simple white dress sneaker that isn’t made by Common Projects. I use Lyst for this. It’s great for finding brands you wouldn’t have heard of before.

When I went freelance, I realised I needed to collaborate a lot more. Directing is a funny thing, as it involves so many people and teams, and yet when you leave the cinema or finish watching a video online you think of the director most of the time. If the film/video left a good impression then all the credit goes to him/her and it’s the same if it was received poorly. However the more I develop the more I understand how key a team is. So I’m always on the lookout for talented individuals who I could collaborate with. It’s something I do on a daily basis in the morning, spending an hour each day referencing and looking through the works of, animators, illustrators, DOPs and great film crew.

It’s something that’s difficult to find but when you’re on set with a solid team and the shoot comes together it’s always a great feeling.

Why do you seek?

I think ever since I read Kondo’s book and after moving flats last year, my fiancé and I had to really figure out how to fit all our belongings into a smaller space. This book completely changed the way I looked at material things and my personal belongings. Once I had read it, my whole idea of what I believed to be essentials changed. This was also true of my wardrobe. I then decided to try and keep a more streamlined closet with a focus on classic staples and essentials that could be easily dressed up or down. The classic white sneaker was one of these staples I would wear with pretty much everything. I feel the shape and silhouette are key in allowing you to dress up a sneaker. So finding the right one can be a bit of a task. For me it’s all about finding a style that’s super versatile and still in line with my personal style.

Tell us the lengths you’ve gone to in order to seek out an item that you had your heart set on

Recently I had my eye on an AMI jacket. Unfortunately I was so busy I forgot to order it and when I did get the time it was completely sold out EVERYWHERE! I was in Paris the following few weeks for New Year’s. We had a short time there so I thought I’d try the stores. No luck! As a last ditch attempt I personally Whatsapped Alexandre, the designer and asked if he had any spare samples, anything really, as I knew the updated jackets were a different cut so if he didn’t have any then that would be it.

Luckily he did, and I ended up getting it. I don’t think it was the best way to get it (personally messaging the designer) but it worked in the end.

What’s the main consideration you have when buying something new?

I think I tend to make sure it’ll fit with the rest of my wardrobe now. I try to build a wardrobe that’s flexible and can complement everything else.

What are you seeking next? Something you already know you want but don’t have yet?

A pair of They Sneakers.

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