Selling digital 1

In this panel discussion from our Click Singapore conference, we cover the difficulties of selling digital work to clients when it lacks the common cultural references of, say, film

[webmatrixvideo import=”webmatrix” type=”youtube” vid=”yqIh2zv9JI0&hl=en&fs=1&” ]Click Singapore panel[/webmatrixvideo]

Click is Creative Review’s series of conferences on digital advertising.

This year, we will be running Click In SIngapore, New York and London.

Click New York is on October 1, see here for details.

Click London is on November 12, more here

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It’s been nearly six months since we launched our new site. Now we have a better understanding of how people are using it, we are making a few changes…

An art of persuasion

Dutch painter Ronald de Bloeme takes visual motifs, signs and symbols from the commercial world and uses them to construct colourful high gloss paintings. His new show, Diktatur, is on at the Hamish Morrison Galerie in Berlin until 24 October

Penguin by Illustrators: Romek Marber

From a new book collecting together the transcripts of talks given by esteemed Penguin illustrators, we have the full text of Romek Marber’s presentation

i-Design tomorrow

If anyone is in London tomorrow (24 September) and has some time, Malcolm Garrett’s i-Design conference has a great line up of speakers

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Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency