DesignStudio rebrands money transfer app Sendwave

The new identity plays on its name and adds movement to echo the sense of community and warmth it has built through its platform

Founded in 2014, Sendwave offers international money transfers from countries in North America and Europe to those in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Primarily used by migrants, the brand’s vision has been to create a world that “celebrates migrants’ impact on prosperity”.

The aim of the platform is to make sending money as easy as sending a text message and it sends over $15bn from 50 countries to recipients in 130 countries. To prepare for the brand’s next stage of growth, Sendwave and its parent company Zepz brought in DesignStudio to create a new identity that better distinguishes itself in the market.

At the heart of the rebrand is a new wordmark that “evokes the boldness and purpose of the brand”, and adds a “sense of balance and authority”. Alongside this, a new symbol made up of two symmetrical wave shapes combine to make an abstract globe, which references Sendwave’s “ability to link communities across the world”.

“Our work is built around the creative idea ‘In Your Corner’, based on Sendwave’s vision that everyone deserves someone in their corner,” says Lorenzo Di Cola, design director at DesignStudio. To serve this idea, a warm and relatable tone of voice has been created that’s also “confident and purposeful”, epitomised by the brand tagline, ‘For here. For there. For home.’

A custom typeface called Sendwavy has also been created in collaboration with Florian Karsten Type Foundry. Full of personality, the wavy curves of the characters relate to the wider visual language of the brand.

The typeface also features custom glyphs where the wave changes direction to add playfulness to the layouts.

The main graphic device is the Sendwave name, and overall the tone is “uplifting and active” to match the “energy the user brings to the sending process”.

For the colour palette, the hero shade is a sunny yellow enhanced by a secondary palette of different tones like blue, pink, and orange, to reference the “global nature of Sendwave and its community”.