Sense packaging

Category: Packaging; Entrant: Buck

In a world where most sexual wellness products are designed to blend in, Sense was looking for a strong and spicy brand to both stand out in the retail aisle and be at home in the bedroom for their North American product launch.

Buck worked closely with Sense’s co-founders to develop a bold visual identity, tantalising packaging and a sultry brand voice (playfully dubbed ‘body language’) to touch every piece of this brand.

The design system begs to be played with, and the visuals shine on the shelf amid the darker tones of sexual wellness competitors. “Both immersive and inclusive, the design language mimics the bodily curves of the brand’s diverse audiences,” says Buck. “We played with tension and anticipation and quickly got off on the use of vibrant pops of colour and lush type treatments to create an ownable style that excites as much as it delights.”

The visual design pairs a tall, sophisticated typeface with abstract but sexy-looking shapes, where design references came from the world of adult sex toys. The shape system pays homage to both toys and abstract bodies. Other packaging highlights are the clear lube bottle to help users see when they’re close to running low and individual condom packages that are easy to open.

“We put bold, brash language at the forefront of Sense’s web, marketing and social touchpoints, inviting audiences to feel our words through imagery,” says Buck.

“The tone of voice focuses on foreplay. We aimed to strike a balance between sexy versus serious, creating a playful intimacy that encourages customers to explore their desires without judgment or fear.”

Sense Co-founders: Jacky Zeigen, Joel Laib
Design Studio: Buck
ECD: Ben Langsfeld
Executive Producers: Joe Nash, Russell Greene
Creative Director: Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi
Producer: Tracey McDonough
Production Coordinator: Khadim Dieng
Art Directors: Arielle Casale, Pedro Veneziano
Head of Strategy: Marla Moore
Brand Strategists: Anu Khosla, Asia Hunt
Copywriting: Asia Hunt, Heloise Chung
Design: Kenni Huang, Pedro Veneziano, Wesley Chen
Photographer: Sarah Hopp
Set Design & Prop Styling: Arielle Casale