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Life Less Ordinary

Whether it be for advertising, editorial, or his personal work, Dan Tobin Smith has made an art of transforming the ordinary into the sublime.

Making Tracks To The Tate

Cynical old hack that I am, I always get a sinking feeling when I hear about large public institutions attempting to “engage with young urban audiences”. So it was with a resigned air that I opened an email headed “Fallon creates cutting edge music partnerships to bring urban youth to Tate Modern”.

Cut Out and Keep

A quirky London shop has been providing the creative community with copyright-free imagery for 20 years. Mark Sinclair visits the capital’s most intriguing visual resource, The Dover Bookshop

The Knife: Like a Pen

Another great animated video from Swedish act The Knife. This one’s directed by Andreas Nilsonn. The track, Like a Pen, is released as a single on 9 October.

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