Seven Great New Music Videos

Tired of watching Christmas ads? Then watch these great new music videos instead.

Tired of watching Christmas ads? Then watch these great new music videos instead.


Our first video of this round-up is for All I Know by Washed Out. Directed by Daniel Kragh Jabobsen, it’s a road trip film, following two young men, one of whom is trying to get over a bad break up. The duo record their adventures on a handy cam, before things take an unexpected turn. Production company: Black Dog Films.

Next up is Shane Meadows’ film for Jake Bugg track Slumville Surprise, which is a crime caper based around a guy, played brilliantly by Bugg, stealing an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Comedy mayhem ensues. Production company: Warp Films.

Andrew Thomas Huang, who recently picked up the Best New Director gong at the UK MVAs, directed this excellent video for Atoms For Peace track Before Your Very Eyes. The video mixes live footage with stop frame and CG techniques to show Thom Yorke as you’ve never seen him before. Production company: Colonel Blimp.

Mill+ director Carl Addy created this video for Wheel by We Are Shining by creating hundreds of gif sequences from stills and video material that represents the band’s “influences and inspirations”. The result is a bonkers psychedelic trip of a promo.

For the new video for Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr & Beardyman track Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (remixed by Calvin Harris), director Mark Waites (of Mother ad agency fame) set up an endurance dance marathon at a location in east London and filmed the results. Production company: Good Egg.

Party in Japan has directed this promo for Life Is Music by Sour. The video features 189 spinning discs, which are animated to create the video using the ‘Phenakistoscope effect‘. Each of the discs are now for sale at (each one is unique). The production budget of the video was crowdfunded using the sites Green Funding in Japan and Kickstarter in the US.

We finish with a video that features rough-and-ready drawn animation, but looks brilliant. It is directed by Ewen Farr and is for Quelle Chris track Super Fuck – as the name of the song suggests, it is also a teensy bit rude.

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