Seven New Ads To Watch

We’ve a cracking selection of new ads to share with you this week, including work for Líbero, Ikea, Ibis, Dove, Nokia and Cadbury. First up though, is this amusing spot for…

We’ve a cracking selection of new ads to share with you this week, including work for Líbero, Ikea, Ibis, Dove, Nokia and Cadbury. First up though, is this amusing spot for…

The spot, titled Booking Epic, follows last year’s tongue-in-cheek spot Booking.yeah. Whereas that spot emphasised the importance of choosing the right accommodation, this one emphasises’s devotion to detail, in comedic fashion. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam; ECDs: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy; Creative directors: Genevieve Hoey, Zach Watkins; Creatives: Kia Heinnen, Cari Vanderyacht, Zoe Hawkins, Siavosh Zabeti; Director/Production company: Traktor; Post: MPC Amsterdam.

Lola/Lowe & Partners in Madrid has created a series of spots for Líbero magazine (two shown above). The witty ads gently mock football fans by suggesting that if you always use football language to explain things to them, they will understand. They form part of a campaign by the mag to position itself as more than just a football publication. ECD: Chacho Puebla; Creative directors: Francisco Cassis, Sito Morillo; Creatives: Nicolás Gómez Cal, Sito Morillo, Bruno Nakano; Director: Federico Cummins; Production company: Blur; Post: Serena.

In order to promote the Ikea catalogue online, SMFB Oslo created this nifty campaign using social media. Its premise is simple: to win a piece of furniture from the new catalogue, shoppers were asked to share an image of the page from the guide where the product was featured. Over the course of a month, the whole catalogue had been shared online.

Ridiculous and hilarious, this new campaign for Ibis hotels aims to demonstrate just how comfortable the Ibis Sweet Bed (a bed designed specifically for the chain) is by taking it to the top of Devil’s Mountain in Venezuela to achieve ‘the ultimate sleep’. A crack team of extreme sports adventurers was assembled for the task and a documentary was shot showing the team’s trials and tribulations along the way, which can be viewed online at A trailer for the film is shown above. Agency: BETC Paris; ECD: Stéphane Xiberras; Creative directors: Antoine Choque, Annick Teboul; Creatives: Jordan Lemarchand, Sylvain Paradis, David Tamayo, Julien Deschamps, Guillaume Reboot; Production House: Vice.

Dove continues its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign by tackling the craze for selfies. A short film, which aired at the recent Sundance Film Festival, shows a group of young women and their mothers asked to take an ‘honest selfie’ – an image of themselves without any manipulation. The images were uploaded to a website,, where visitors were encouraged to discuss what constitutes real beauty. The conversation continued on social media using the hashtag #beautyis. Director: Cynthia Wade; Production company: Recommended Media.

To promote the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone, Havas Worldwide Helsinki has created the Nokia Pass It On campaign, which sees 30 of the smartphones sent to people in 30 cities around the world. Recipients are then encouraged to take photos with the phones and upload them to the site before handing the phone to someone new and asking them to take their own pics for the project. The aim is to build a set of unique portraits of the cities taken without the interference of the brand or ad agency. It’s certainly an interesting premise for a campaign, though we cyncial types can’t help wondering how quickly the phones will be nicked, or inappropriate boob shots will appear on the site. So far, though, it all looks very respectable. Creative director: Marko Vuorensola; Creatives: Paul Earl, Liisa Vilkkumaa; Director: Taito Kawata; Production company: Cocoa Production.

We end on an unusual note, with a jacket created for Cadbury which reacts to its wearer eating a bar of chocolate. Created by Hirsch & Mann in London, the ‘joy jacket’ was made to promote the Cadbury + Daim and Cadbury + Oreo products – it was sent to influential bloggers to play with and write about and also used in PR events. The film above shows what happens when you eat chocolate in the coat, while this documentary shows how it was made.

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