Sex Brand identity design

Category: Brand Identity, Launch; Entrant: Uncommon Creative Studio

Aerial view of a pile of orange condom packets labelled Sex Brand

Sex Brand is a new sexual wellness brand co-created by Uncommon Creative Studio, which came up with the brand name, positioning, identity and launch campaign across social and OOH, plus also took equity in the business.

The brand aims to address a decline in sexual activity in the UK. “Sex is dying,” says Uncommon Creative Studio. “For the first time in history, we’re having sex less than once a week. The busyness of modern life, dating apps, social media, exposure to porn and societal pressures have taken their toll. The biggest problem of our time is the death of our oldest pleasure.”

Its first product claims to be the UK’s most sustainable condom, and the brand launched with the promise that it would match and donate every million sold to address the 27% supply shortfall of condoms in Uganda, in partnership with the NGOs SafeHands and Reproductive Health Uganda.

Black and white illustration of two creatures embracing, against an orange background
Orange and black outdoor posters for Sex Brand, including the lines 'Sex is dying. We're here to save it', and 'Partners before porn'

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio