The changing landscape of sexual wellness brands

Sexual wellness is no longer a novelty. There are opportunities here for brands, especially if they widen the conversation and make sure everyone has a voice, says Katie Klencheski of branding agency Smakk

Sex is universal and normalising the range of conversations around it invites more people to express themselves safely and joyfully. The alternative – shame, guilt and questions like ‘am I normal?’ – have caused mental anguish for so many people.

Meanwhile, positive, inclusive, open, accessible conversations around sex desires, preferences, needs and health concerns foster good mental health as well as studied, measurable wellness benefits. There’s no question that sexual wellbeing is wellness, and not only health adjacent, but health – period. But do brands belong in this conversation?

With the mainstreaming of sexual wellness products – from supplements to vibrators – brands are now front and centre in making pleasure accessible, and driving conversations around pleasure. Stores that are already equipped to cater to consumers’ wellness needs – from CVS to Sephora – are helping to recontextualise conversations about sex to a venue that makes it easier for people to address intimacy through the lens of health and strip away shame and stigma.