She Says Stop Moaning And Do Something

“Whenever we went to a conference,” says Agency Republic senior creative Alessandra Lariu, “Laura and I were always the only girl creatives there. We’ve always been the only girls. So we said ‘let’s stop moaning and do something about it’.”


And they did. At the end of last year, Lariu and glue London head of art Laura Jordan Bambach decided to set up She Says, a networking organisation dedicated to getting more women creatives into the digital advertising business.

“It’s really not a man-hating thing, it’s not about Girl Power, we’re not the Spice Girls,” continues Lariu. “She Says is just about helping women to get into digital and to go further in their careers – to provide role models and information.”

After initially relying on MySpace and FaceBook pages to generate interest (and nearly 400 members) this month sees the launch of a She Says website. The site contains details of the monthly sessions that are at the core of She Says’ activities, covering topics all the way from how to get into the business, to negotiating salaries and learning from mistakes. The sessions are held at different agencies and have become so popular that they are now oversubscribed.

In addition, She says runs a mentoring programme called Who’s Your Momma where women in the digital advertising industry donate an hour of their time every week to do one-to-one mentoring with those just starting out.

In order to launch the new site (put together by Esti Landa, Niqui Merret and Bernie Besenhofer) Bambach and Lariu recruited some of their male colleagues. “We wanted to use some women creative directors, but we couldn’t find any,” says Jordan Bambach. So instead, the likes of Dare’s James Cooper and Nicke Bergstrom from Farfar were encouraged to drag up at various conferences and filmed by Annette Armstrong. The films appear on YouTube and


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