Catfluencers go head-to-head in Sheba’s new campaign

The Gravy Race sees the brand challenge eight of the internet’s most famous felines in a contest to become the quickest gravy licker, with the help of sports commentator Ian Eagle

While one in four pet owners have created a social media account on behalf of their furry friends, sadly not all of them will have what it takes to reach the sacred status of ‘petfluencer’.

In its latest campaign by AMV BBDO, Sheba is tapping into the power of petfluencers by enlisting some of the internet’s most famous cats to promote its Gravy Indulgence Entrées. Unlike your average influencer marketing campaign though, The Gravy Race will see the cat contestants race each other lick-by-lick to see who loves gravy the most.

With a combined reach of over 55 million, the eight contestants are @waffles_the_cat, @my_boy_belarus, @cobythecat, @paquito_thecat_official, @venustwofacecat, @totally_tater,, and @thatlittlepuff. The fastest gravy licker will move onto the next round until only one cat remains, becoming the Gravy Race Champion.

The brand has also enlisted the help of American sports announcer (and cat lover) Ian Eagle, who will commentate on every lick from the sidelines, while the final will be live streamed from Times Square in New York City.

The campaign launches with a 30-second teaser film on digital and social introducing the competitors, and will be followed by the competition heats, semi-finals and finals. As part of the campaign, cat parents across the US can also enter the Gravy Race sweepstakes via TikTok, Instagram or on, with the winner receiving a $3,000 gift card, a one-year supply of cat food and treats, and Sheba branded swag.

Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lossgott
Creative Director: Andre Sallowicz
Creatives: Andre Sallowicz, Ant Eagle, Tim Riley
Social Creative Director: Ant Eagle
Creative Design Director: Mario Kerkstra
Production Company: Red Studios & SpinCycle
Director/Consultant: Nils Jacobi (FurryFritz)
DOP: Simon Fanthorpe
Production Company (teaser ad): Zombie
Post-production: Red Studios
Motion Graphics: Tina Touli