Shelter: Make Housing More Affordable campaign

Category: In-house Campaigns; Entrant: Shelter

The cost of living crisis in the UK has caused housing to fall further into the background as food, fuel and energy dominate the conversation. For housing charity Shelter, it was important to get people calling for more affordable homes by linking housing with the crisis.

Referencing out-of-touch quotes from UK politicians – such as Conservative MP Jake Berry declaring people should just “get a better-paying job” – Shelter satirised their unhelpful “money-saving” hacks to offer a more constructive solution: that the government makes housing more affordable.

Shelter: Make Housing More Affordable
Category: In-house Campaigns
Entrant: Shelter
Creative Director: Helen Jones
Senior Copywriter: Oli Impey
Senior Designer/Art Director: Hollie Joyce
Head of Marketing: Helen Saul
Designer/Animator: Sarah Baker
Creative Lead: Benjamin Stevens
Illustrator: Federica Martini
Designer: Antony Wallis
Animator: Monica Ng
Artworkers: Christian Smith, Conrad Sills
Typography: There Is Studio
Type Designers: Sean Freeman, Eve Steben