Shouldn’t your run be this much fun?

A new campaign featuring dogs snapped mid chase has been launched to promote the Guardian’s running content on their Life & Style site.


A new campaign featuring dogs snapped mid chase has been launched to promote the Guardian’s running content on their Life & Style site.

As interest in running steadily grows, so do the resources available online, including the Guardian site for running which provides space for inspiration, advice and discussion. The campaign, for both print and online, aims to engage new users and promote the increasingly popular online hub to an expanding online community of runners.

The site hosts a stream of running related content, including articles, videos, interviews, open threads, polls, live Q&A’s and competitions. There is also an interactive that allows you to compare your 5k time with the nation, and a new series of podcasts, with the choice of beginner or advanced.

The campaign include three images of different dogs running, produced as full page print ads with the excited pooches bounding towards you, static skins for websites with the same images, and rich media banners with a video of two dogs running round in circles, accompanying by the tagline “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun?”.



The ads have been produced by creative agency BBH, who have created other Guardian campaigns including the Three Little Pigs video and ‘the whole picture’ brand campaign posters, the Own the Weekend video to promote the weekend papers, and the ‘One woman, a nation divided’ print ads featuring Thatcher Marmite jars.

With multiple brands competing for attention in the running world, each claiming authority on how to make you faster and fitter, with scientific research and the faces of Olympic hero’s plastered across a well-established branded landscape, the BBH team knew that finding a voice in this field for a newspaper, may prove challenging.

However, by taking a step back and considering why we run in the first place, BBH chose a more feel-good standpoint. “It brings a little bit of joy to run through a park listening to your favourite tune or to beat your personal best. Sure, there’s a fair amount of pain too but by and large, most of us run because we love it,” says BBH’s Jonny Price. And with our canine friends being some of the most joyful runners of all, they proved the perfect new ‘faces’ of running. “They don’t care where they’re going or why their going there, they run until their legs are tired for the sheer joy of it.”


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