Simpsonize Me!

We’re slightly slow on the uptake here at CR – in that launched about two weeks ago. But we’re making up for lost time: All of us at CR have spent some time this morning (some more than others) trying to find the right hairdo or eyebrow shape on the site which lets you see what you’d look like if you’d commissioned Matt Groening to produce your portrait…

The site is a Burger King tie-in, created by Equity Marketing and Crispin Porter Bogusky (who devised the burger company’s hugely successful Subservient Chicken site back in 2004), designed to make the most of Simpsons mania surrounding the recent launch of The Simpsons Movie. launched in mid July and CPB then released ads promoting it – all of which show ordinary joe’s being zapped by the monocular aliens (familiar to all Simpsons fans), thus transforming them into 2D, yellow Simpsons-esque caricatures of themselves. In its first week of going live, the site received in excess of 150 million hits with over 4 million uploading photos in order to Simpsonize themselves. In fact, the site’s traffic outstripped its capacity to deal with it and the original 18 servers set aside to deal with the site had to be upped to 38, proving, once again, that CPB are the (burger) kings of viral.

How can any Simpsons fan ignore the chance to Simpsonize themselves? Exactly.

Just don’t forget you’ve got work to do!