Sinéad O’Dwyer: brand identity

Category: Brand Identity – Launch; Entrant: Greenspace

Sinéad O’Dwyer: brand identity 1

Sinéad O’Dwyer is a Dublin-born fashion designer whose work sets out to challenge the stereotypes and narratives around certain bodies – through her collections, O’Dwyer hopes to create a new language of beauty and acceptance available to everyone regardless of their size.

Greenspace design studio was tasked to create a visual identity that expressed these qualities, summarised through the strategic thought ‘for the love of every body’. The ­studio was inspired by the ever-changing and imperfect nature of body form, and the unusual materials O’Dwyer works with, which led to the development of an ever-changing wordmark that combines fluctuating alternate ­characters.

The wordmark then led to the ­creation of a display typeface in collaboration with Swiss Type­faces, named Every Body Suisse. Each letterform has alternate characters that can be used to create distinctive typographic statements and feel at ease alongside collection pieces. ­Animation brought the typeface to life, referencing not only how bodies look, but also how they move.

Greenspace also commissioned writer Anastasiia Fedorova to write an immersive poem reflecting on O’Dwyer’s journey and vision – offering a window to O’Dwyer’s universe and a reflection on living within the female body. The studio combined this typographic approach with a series of graphic assets, motion styles and print techniques that stood out in the often stark world of fashion.

Sinéad O’Dwyer: brand identity
Sinéad O’Dwyer: brand identity 3


Design Studio: Greenspace
Typeface Collaboration: Swiss Typefaces
Writing: Anastasiia Fedorova
3D: James Brocklebank
Production Partners: Identity Printers