Six Great New Music Videos

It’s pouring with rain (at CR Towers at least) and frankly a bit of a dull Tuesday, so what better time to catch up on some great recent music videos? Click through to see new promos for Peace, Dirty Vegas, Androp, Klangkarussell, Plurabelle and Chet Faker…

It’s pouring with rain (at CR Towers at least) and frankly a bit of a dull Tuesday, so what better time to catch up on some great recent music videos?

First up is this amusing new promo from director Ninian Doff for Peace’s new track Lost On Me. It opens on a shoot for a fairly regular music video, but when an accident takes place on set, the director loses control of the band…

Director: Ninian Doff; Production company: Pulse Films

Next up, that cheeky directing team The Surrender Monkeys present an intense and unexpected yoga session on the beach in their video for Setting Sun by Dirty Vegas. Production company: Bold.

Creative agency Party’s latest collaboration with Japanese band Androp is up next, for new song Shout. Party is perhaps best known for its digital experimentation but this film was shot entirely in-camera with the animated effects created using handheld projectors.

This short film is written and directed by Edward John Drake for Klangkarussell’s new track All Eyes On You. Running at an epic nine minutes and 33 seconds long, it tells a dreamlike tale of one man’s early morning experiences on a London council estate. Incredibly, it appears to all be shot in one continuous take.

Some beautiful animation for you now, courtesy of Mattis Dovier in his video for Plurabelle track Our Fires.

We close with this night-time rollerskating promo created by director Hiro Murai for Gold by Chet Faker, which feels like a take on Dougal Wilson’s 2009 Bat For Lashes promo, but with more revealing outfits. Works well with the track though.

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