Six New Ads To Watch

This week’s round up of great new ads includes spots for Honda, Bailey’s, Nescafé, Eurostar, and Sony. First up though is a striking set of posters created for UN Women…

This week’s round up of great new ads includes spots for Honda, Bailey’s, Nescafé, Eurostar, and Sony. First up though is a striking set of posters created for UN Women…

UN Women is the section of the United Nations that tackles gender equality and the empowerment of women, and this series of posters, created by MEMAC Ogilvy Dubai, addresses sexism by clever use of the Google autocomplete search box. The posters feature the beginnings of sentences, including ‘women need to…’ and ‘women should…’ and then features the Google suggestions for common searches, which are all aggressive or restrictive. If you try it out on Google, they are all depressingly true-to-life too.

UN Women are also keen to encourage debate around the campaign on Twitter, using the hashtag #womenshould. Agency: MEMAC Ogilvy Dubai; Creatives: Christopher Hunt, Kareem Shuhaibar.

Next up is a new Honda ad from Mcgarrybowen London. The ad, which uses the tag ‘An impossible, made possible’ features a number of Escher-esque visual tricks. A making-of film can be viewed here. Agency: Mcgarrybowen London. ECD: Paul Jordan. Director: Chris Palmer. Production company: Gorgeous.

101 has created this campaign for Baileys Chocolat Luxe, a new version of the drink that is a fusion between Baileys Original Irish Cream and real Belgian chocolate. Both the ad, shot by Johnny Hardstaff, and the print campaign (one shown above), by Dan Tobin-Smith, get the rich-and-delicious vibe across perfectly. Creative directors: Augusto Sola, Mark Elwood. Creatives: Tim Donald, Misha Newby. Production company (TV): RSA Films.

This new campaign from Publicis Conseil in Paris features a duo of hapless movers who face a challenge in moving every item into their new flat. Only the new coffee maker from Nescafé can help. The interactive spot is all in French, but the jokes are universal (and perhaps obvious) enough to cross any language barriers. CCO: Olivier Altmann; Creative director: Hervé Riffault; Creatives: Axel Le Roux, Jocelyn Chabanis; Directors: Julien Lacombe, Pascal Sid; Production: Sequencis.

AMV BBDO’s new spot for Eurostar, shot by Simon Ratigan, aims to emphasise all the stories that are waiting for visitors when they travel to Paris and London. Two ads were shot (Paris one shown above), both of which feature real-life moments captured in the two cities. Creatives: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi; Production company: HLA.

We finish this week’s round-up with a film for Sony by Mori Inc in Japan, which uses the real sounds of natural water recorded in the riverhead area of Kumamoto, Kyushu. The sounds are synched with footage of the water flowing to form a version of Pachelbel’s Canon. The spot slightly reminded us of this classic spot for Xbox, though in a less boisterous way. Agency: Mori Inc; Creative director: Morihiro Harano; Creatives: Jun Nishida (Drill), Morihiro Harano, Ankur Rander (Mori); Director: Seiichi Hishikawa; Production companies: Engine Plus, Drawing and Manual, Invisible Design Lab.

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