Six New Ads To Watch

Heineken, Old Spice, Converse, VW and South Australian Tourism all make an appearance in our round-up of great new advertising work this week. Up first though is a one-take wonder for The Sunday Times….

Heineken, Old Spice, Converse, VW and South Australian Tourism all make an appearance in our round-up of great new advertising work this week. Up first though is a one-take wonder for The Sunday Times….

Created by Grey London and shot by directing duo Us, the film aims to promote The Sunday Times’ arts coverage and features six iconic cultural images, from Rodin’s The Thinker to Mad Men, all performed in one smooth sequence.

There is also a sweet and simple making-of film that shows how it was done, here. Agency: Grey London; ECD: Nils Leonard; Creative director: Dave Monk; Creatives: Jonathan Rands, Johan Leandersson; Production company: Academy Films; Directors: Us; Post: Electric Theatre Collective.

There’s shapeshifting in abundance in this next ad too, which is for Heineken from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Titled The Odyssey, the spot features 20 ‘legendary’ real people who morph into one character making his way around a cruise ship, charming his fellow passengers with his skills.

Accompanying The Odyssey is this amusing spoof PR film, which answers some trolls who apparently accused the ad of being ‘fake’ by releasing the (supposed) original casting tapes for the spot. It turns out these are almost as entertaining as the actual ad. Agency: W+K Amsterdam; ECDs: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy; Creative directors: Thierry Albert, Faustin Claverie; Creatives: Henrik Edelbring, Toby Moore, Andrew Dobbie; Production company: MJZ Films; Directors: Tom Kuntz (ad), James Gilchrist (casting film); Post: The Mill.

Over to Wieden + Kennedy Portland now, for this weird and wonderful new ad for Old Spice, which promotes the brand’s hair products in epic style. ECD: Susan Hoffman, Joe Staples; Creative directors: Jason Bagley, Craig Allen; Creatives: Jason Kreher, Max Stinson; Production company: MJZ Films; Director: Tom Kuntz.

Studio Heiss collaborated with Jelly Kitchen to create this charming stop frame animation to promote Converse’s ongoing ChuckHack project, which encourages people to customise their Converse boots in wild and creative ways. Creative director: Flo Heiss; DOP: Sam Burton; Animation directors: Sam Burton, George Coffey.

This sweet TV ad for Volkswagen has been around for a month or so but we’d missed it so thought we’d share it in case you had too. A tragic love story between two teddy bear car accessories, it is an inspired way to illustrate the car’s Automatic Distance Control technology. Agency: Adam&Eve DDB; ECD: Jeremy Craigen; Creatives: Sigi Egedal, Oli Rimoldi; Production company: Movie Magic International; Director: Matteo Pellegrini.

We finish with this unexpected film to promote Adelaide in South Australia. More akin to a music video than your typical piece of tourist promotion, it seems to be causing a bit of a furore amongst Adelaideans in the YouTube comments, but feels a refreshing change from the beach/kangaroo approach that most Aussie tourism ads favour. And it makes Adelaide look almost as hip as Melbourne. Agency: KWP! Advertising; Creative director: James Rickard; Art director: Michael Gagliardi; Production company: Moth Projects; Director: Jeffrey Darling.

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