Seven key skills that students need to succeed

As young talent leaves university for the world of work, they’re confronted with a looming gap between what they’ve learned, and what they’re expected to know. We spoke with some of the industry’s best to find out seven key skills that students need to succeed.

D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay addresses New Blood Shift students at Vice headquarters in New York City

Don’t fear failure

“Students are leaving uni with a fear of failure. Embracing failure is a skill. The quicker you master that the better you’ll be in the workplace.”- Vicki Maguire, Valenstein & Fatt

Be tough

“Resilience. Sometimes your ideas might not stick and the first incarnations might not succeed. Taking stock and understanding when to draw a line and bounce back better is a skill young creatives should master.” – Janay Sor, Google

At the New Blood Academy

Hone your skills

“Brilliant concepting is table-stakes. But art directors
that can art direct and copywriters that can actually write are what everyone is crying out for.” – Mick Mahoney, Ogilvy & Mather

Make them laugh

“An ability to evoke emotion is an incredible skill – people remember the things that make them laugh or cry. I like to see design and advertising that connects in a very human way.” – Bruce Duckworth, Turner Duckworth

Winners of the D&AD New Blood Awards

Think small

“I’d love more students to embrace the small screen, because who better placed to create for a space that needs craft, understanding, and a lot more love?” – Julie Seal, Facebook and Instagram

Think big

“The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of change, and there is the opportunity to contribute meaningful work and ideas that contribute positively to society.” – Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA

The New Blood Academy is seen as the ‘missing semester’ that up-skills fresh talent in all of these areas. D&AD runs several programmes that help students close the gap between education and work. Click here to know more. 

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