Skoda gets mean

Skoda reinvents its previous Cake ad in a new TV commercial that aims to promote the Fabia’s new, ‘meaner’ side…

Skoda reinvents its previous Cake ad in a new TV commercial that aims to promote the Fabia’s new, ‘meaner’ side…

The ad, for the high-performance Fabia vRS, mocks the feel-good atmosphere of the Skoda Cake ad, which saw a Fabia car constructed out of cake. The new ad again sees a car being made, but this time things are much tougher: burly men headbutt, bite and punch the car into shape, and the engine is a nest of snakes. The soundtrack is a heavy metal version of My Favourite Things (Julie Andrews sang on Cake), and in contrast to the ‘Made of Lovely Stuff’ tagline of the Cake ad, this spot ends with ‘Made of Meaner Stuff’.

“We always said we’d never make a sequel to Cake, but when the vRS brief came along we thought we’d make an opposite,” says creative director Chris Bovill. “Cake made our Mums smile, this should make them want to hide behind a cushion.”

Agency: Fallon
Creative directors: Chris Bovill, John Allison
Production company: Somesuch
Director: Nick Gordon

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