Sleep Tracks Taxi

New Canadian safety campaign highlights how sleepy roads can make us

Created by ad agency Taxi, the campaign features a playlist of sounds taken from real Canadian roads that illustrate how sleep-inducing they can be

The new campaign responds to a statistic from the Canadian Safety Council that 21% of all crashes in Canada are caused by tiredness. Rather than illustrate this through shocking footage of the consequences of people falling asleep at the wheel though, Taxi has taken a more subtle approach, letting us experience the soporific effects of road noise without leaving the house.

Sleep Tracks is a Spotify and Apple playlist featuring road noise taken from different highways across Canada. As an advocate of road safety, the Canada Safety Council hopes awareness will lead drivers to prioritise adequate rest breaks and refrain from driving while fatigued.

Sleep Tracks has been tailored to three different provinces in Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, using different sounds and backdrops to provide an authentic experience for each region. Listeners using the Ontario soundtrack will drift off to a 660-kilometre stretch that includes the 401 Highway, while the BC version highlights the turbulent Coquihalla Highway as part of its 731-kilometre journey. And the 809-kilometre Alberta inspired sleep aid transports listeners to the notoriously dangerous Highway 63.

“We fell in love with this idea because of how unexpected it is, but it makes perfect sense once you hear it,” says Mike Houldsworth, senior writer at Taxi. “We’re firm believers that one of the best ways to convince your audience of something is to prove it by letting them experience it for themselves.”