Snap!Gammon print design

Category: Print; Entrant: Studio Sutherl&

Snap!Gammon is a self-initiated project to reflect Studio Sutherl&’s love of play. It was produced in collaboration with PrintSmith to showcase their finishing skills.

It is a children’s version of backgammon and forms part of a series of games created by the studio, including chess and playing cards.

A play on backgammon, Snap!Gammon pushes the iconic format of the game into a new visual field and narrative. The starting point was turning the board into a crocodile’s mouth, with the pieces – Egyptian plovers – moving along the teeth.

The accompanying story features the characters Niall, who travels through Sumeria via Crocodopolis to Egypt, Ereshkigal the Goddess, Sobek the Crocodile God, and Cleopatra.

The illustrations and typography are made of circles and triangles referencing the game, as well as Sumerian cuneiform lettering and hieroglyphics.

The origin story and rules are concertinas to reflect the teeth shape, and the dice are dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile God – for luck.

Design Studio: Studio Sutherl&
Creative Director: Jim Sutherland
Illustrator: Rebecca Sutherland
Copywriter: Lucille Sutherland
Paper Production: GF Smith
Printing Company: PrintSmith