New Snickers ad offers a witty reflection of lockdown life

The new ad from the chocolate brand, created by BBDO NY, light-heartedly reflects some of the unexpected perils that come with our emergence from lockdown

Snickers is the latest brand to release an ad that would have made zero sense to us a year ago, but is likely to raise a much needed grin in our weird new existence.

The spot highlights some of the habits we might have got into in our Zoom-heavy set up, and why it pays to be cautious as we emerge blinking into a more social world again.

The ad might be deeply topical but with its endline, ‘Confused? Maybe You Just Need A Snickers’, it aims to loosely tie into the brand’s long-running campaign depicting people who don’t act like themselves when they’re hungry. It will run on TV and online until the end of the year.

Agency: BBDO New York
CCO: David Lubars
ECDs: Gianfranco Arena, Peter Kain
Creative directors: Scott Mahoney, Dan Oliva
Production company: O Positive
Director: Jess Coulter