Image shows out-of-home advertising of Snipfeed, which reads 'Turn your passion into your profession' and 'Ignite your potential'

Studio Nari designs shiny new identity for ‘link in bio’ service Snipfeed

The tech platform geared towards creators and entrepreneurs on social media is brought to life with a blingy redesign

‘Link in bio’ platforms first cropped up as a way of hosting multiple links in one place, which quickly proved to be a handy workaround for the limited number of URLs that people could include in their social media bio.

Since the rise of social media marketing and the online creator economy, the capabilities of ‘link in bio’ services have only continued to grow. For instance, Snipfeed, which slimmed down its offering to focus on ‘link in bio’ services back in 2020, has differentiated itself by a range of built-in monetisation features, like tipping, selling digital goods, and customised content, according to Tech Crunch.

Snipfeed has now unveiled a new visual identity, designed by London-based Studio Nari, to coincide with the announcement of a new premium service, Snipfeed Pro.

The new identity has a blingy edge that chimes with the brand’s ongoing mission to “economically empower creators”, which it felt was missing from its previous branding and digital presence.

Image shows out-of-home advertising of Snipfeed, which reads 'Turn your passion into your profession'

Rather than draw on the dry images associated with finance, however, the new identity aims to evoke a “life without limits” mentality, according to the company.

Images of skies run throughout the new visuals, and design elements have also been arranged as though they’re floating mid-air.

Image shows two portraits side-by-side as part of Snipfeed's new design identity

At the heart of the redesign is an enjoyably chunky, chrome interpretation of the brand wordmark, as well as an ‘S’ icon that features a cut-out in the shape of a twinkle within the letterform – a motif picked up throughout the rest of the identity. Unusually, hovering over the wordmark on the brand’s website reveals a second, splodgy design.

Emojis have also been transformed into 3D badges, alongside a suite of other playful symbols and illustrations, all created by River Cousin, that appear across the refreshed website. The redesign feels just the right side of gaudy, and it’s all the more fun for it.