So you want to be a… prosthetic make-up artist

Valter Casotto tells CR about doing make-up for weird and wonderful creatures in everything from Game of Thrones to The Hobbit, the value of getting work experience early on, and making sure you leave your artistic ego at the door when you start a new job

Valter Casotto was born in Italy and currently lives in London, but his work as a prosthetic make-up artist on big budget TV and film productions has taken him to a host of exotic locations around the world. So far, these have included Croatia for Game of Thrones, New Zealand during filming for The Hobbit trilogy, and a little closer to home for Harry Potter, to name just a few.

Life on set is hardly all glitz and glamour though, according to Casotto. Here, he discusses the sheer dedication working in film requires, having to work in sync with a team of other make-up artists, and the tricks of being a successful freelancer.

The appeal of prosthetics I’ve always been into art since I was very little. I went to art school in Italy, and after that I started asking myself what type of job would help me make money but also still be involved in the art world. I liked everything about the film industry, not just the make-up effects stuff. I also did a filmmaking course so I was into filming, lighting and stuff like that. I’ve never been a special effects movie geek but I was attracted to the idea that by doing prosthetic make-up I would be able to do a combination of all arts, whether that’s painting or sculpture.