So you want to be a… UX/UI Designer

From websites and apps to wearable tech and VR, Michelle Cortese brings her UX expertise to a wide range of projects. Here she sheds light on the creative possibilities of working as a UX/UI designer

Michelle Cortese is a lot of different things – sometimes creative technologist, other times a typographer; she designs everything from stage sets to virtual reality apps. At the heart of all her creative pursuits is a deep understanding of user experience and interactivity. She uses her skills as a UX/UI designer to a variety of different ends, currently working at Facebook leading its AR/VR Experiences team.

Below we speak to her about her unusual career trajectory, what she does at Facebook and the creative possibilities of working as a UX designer. She also tells us about the creative opportunities available to UX designers and has some advice for those hoping to work in the field.