So you want to be an… AR artist

3D artist Ines Alpha has made a name for herself creating augmented reality makeup that plays on our fascination with filters. She tells CR why it’s a burgeoning creative discipline that’s increasingly in demand

Ines Marzat – or Ines Alpha as she now goes by – first started experimenting with 3D while working in the ad world, and making cosmetics mockups. Discovering she had a knack for it, she used online video tutorials to teach herself how to make “organic iridescent blobs and weird creatures”, before taking her augmented reality creations into real environments. She’s carved out a very particular creative niche for herself, designing three-dimensional digital makeup that makes people look “surreal and out of this world”. In her AR filters, colour-changing petals bloom from eyebrows, metallic flowers sprout from cheekbones, and robotic masks spread across the face.

Here she explains why it’s a growing creative discipline that’s in demand as brands wake up to the possibilities, and how would-be AR artists can educate themselves – if they have the patience.