Some nice work for charities

As the season of giving reaches its climax, these charity campaigns caught our eye.

As the season of giving reaches its climax, these charity campaigns caught our eye.

Director Frank Budgen produced, with AMV BBDO, a new video commercial for Cancer Research UK using striking imagery to underline the power of research in combating cancer.

Although the visual device of dropping pigment in water is not new (in this trailer for the BBC’s Art Revealed by Giles Revell, for example), but it works well here, tying in with the mysteries of laboratory-set scientific advance. The film forms part of a wider campaign launching on Boxing Day, which positions research as ‘the enemy of cancer’.

The Assembly also used an interesting visual approach in a new press and outdoors campaign for Parkinson’s UK. The images show six everyday tasks, such as making a cup of tea or putting on a tie, but jumbled into a visual puzzle to convey the reality of life with Parkinson’s disease.

Produced by art director, typographyer and photographer Alexandra Taylor, the posters challenge viewers to reassemble the confusing  images and text to piece together the campaign message.


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