Someone’s explosive identity for Resonate

Someone’s new identity for PR agency Resonate was made using £1000 worth of flowers, liquid nitrogen and explosives

Someone’s new identity for PR agency Resonate was made using £1000 worth of flowers, liquid nitrogen and explosives

We’ve seen (and enjoyed) quite a few super slo-mo videos of things being blown up here at CR over the past few years (Dan Tobin Smith’s Exploding Teddy story for Kilimanjaro being a highlight). And there are plenty more on YouTube. But Someone‘s new identity for PR agency Resonate puts the idea to appropriate use, the idea being that the agency takes one story and disseminates it in hundreds of different ways (although presumably not destroying something beautiful in the process…).

Working with photography group Sorted and effects specialist Pirate, Someone froze bouquets of flowers using liquid nitrogen then detonated them with explosive charges.

For the technically minded among you, the stills were captured on a Canon 1DS mk 3 using a bank of Bron Colour High speed strobe packs. They were all wired to a trigger that fired the explosives first, and then the camera and strobes at a few thousandths of a second later.

The images are shown here on business cards (front and back)


and on the website

Video was also shot (at 2000 frames per second).


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