How to create timeless sonic branding

We speak to composer and sound designer Dave Connolly about creating the sonic identities for brands like Huel and Premier League, why the best sonic branding is self-referential, and what composers for brands can learn from Succession

The genesis of a great logo is often found in the hidden depths of the brand itself. An inspired trip to the archives, or a grain of insight mentioned in passing by the founder, can reveal a motif that’s entirely unique yet entirely appropriate. The designs that hit home tend to be the ones that make us think that it couldn’t have been any other way – it was right in front of us this whole time.

To Dave Connolly, a composer and founder of London-based music and sound design studio Molecular Sound, it’s much the same when it comes to sonic branding. Sonic identities essentially formalise the way that brands reflect themselves through sound, whether that’s the music chosen to soundtrack content or the sonic logos used everywhere from ads to startup sounds. And in his view, the pieces of the puzzle are often already there in one way or another.