Sonos brand profile

How Sonos is reflecting our listening habits

We look at how a creative approach to marketing is helping Sonos tap into the emotional power of sound, plus how the brand is bringing spatial audio to the masses

Our listening habits have changed beyond recognition in recent years. The advent of streaming means that, vinyl enthusiasts aside, consuming music is now a digital process rather than an analogue one. Meanwhile, our TV setups have become increasingly bigger and better to cater for the sheer volume of content we watch from the multitude of streaming platforms available.

Founded in Santa Barbara in 2002, Sonos has successfully ridden the wave of the changes within the audio sector over the last two decades. While it’s well-known for its technical innovation and stylish designs, as seen with products such as the Beam soundbar and Era 100 speaker, the brand itself has remained largely consistent in that time. “We were founded by music lovers, for music lovers,” explains Pete Pedersen, vice president of global marketing communications.