Sony World Photography Awards 2015

The winners of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced, with American photographer John Moore from Getty Images winning the L’Iris d’Or Photographer of the Year award, for his series depicting the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

The winners of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced, with American photographer John Moore from Getty Images winning the L’Iris d’Or Photographer of the Year award, for his series depicting the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

His work has been universally credited for the early exposure of the scale of the Ebola epidemic in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. In a collective statement, the judges said of the work: “Moore’s photographs of this crisis show in full the brutality of people’s daily lives torn apart by this invisible enemy. However, it is his spirit in the face of such horror that garners praise. His images are intimate and respectful, moving us with their bravery and journalistic integrity. It is a fine and difficult line between images that exploit such a situation, and those that convey the same with heart, compassion and understanding, which this photographer has achieved with unerring skill. Combine this with an eye for powerful composition and cogent visual narrative, and good documentary photography becomes great.”

Now in its eighth year, the annual awards celebrate work across a range of genres, are free to enter, and this year saw a record-breaking 173,444 images submitted from 171 countries.

Here’s our pick from the professional category winners and shortlisted work…

Winner of the Contemporary Issues category – Butterflies Chapter 3 by Scott Typaldos, Switzerland

2nd place in the Contemporary Issues category Corentin Fohlen, France

Shortlisted in the Contemporary Issues category – First Sight by Brent Stirton, South Africa

Shortlisted in the Campaign category – The Wrestler by Fei Maohua, China

Shortlisted in the Arts & Culture category – Purim Holiday in Jerusalem by Gili Yaari, Israel

Shortlisted in the Current Affairs category – Ukraine. Kiev. Euromaidan by Vladyslav Musiienko

Shortlisted in the Landscape category – Blue Fields by Simon Butterworth, UK

3rd place in the Landscape category – Ganges, Death of a River by Giulio di Sturco, Italy

Winner of the Lifestyle category – Ethnic Yi People Living in the Great Liangshan Mountains of China by Li Fan China

3rd place in the Lifestyle category – Cat Mother by Ramil Gilvanov, Russia

Shortlisted for the the Lifestyle category – Everland Korea by Julia Fullerton-Batton, UK

Shortlisted in the People category – One hundred and forty centimetres by Sabine Lewandowski, Germany

Shortlisted in the People category – Ich bin Waldviertel by Carla Kogelman, Netherlands

2nd place in the Portraiture category – Glasgow; Second City of The Empire. On the run up to the Scottish Referendum by Dougie Wallace, UK

Shortlisted in the Portraiture category – CAESAR by Christian Berthelot, France

Shortlisted in the Portraiture category – Aftermath by Kerry Mansfield, US

2nd place in the Still Life category – Review by Peter Franck, Germany

Winner of the Travel category – Aerial Views Adria by Bernhard Lang, Germany

In the Open competition, for amateur photographers, Antony Crossfield from the UK, won the Enhanced category.

Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson, US, was shortlisted in the Open competition in the Smile category,

Saeed Barikani, Iran, was shortlisted in the People category (Open competition),

Ismail Abdul Mutalib, Indonesia, was shortlisted in the Travel category (Open competition),

Peter Voss, Germany, was shortlisted in the People category (Open competition),

and Lessy Sebastian, Indonesia, was shortlisted in the Split Second category (Open competition).

New for the year, the Mobile Phone competition recognises the ability of mobile phone technology to capture everyday moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, and was awarded to Turi Calfato from Italy, for this image taken as part of the series A day on the beach (above left). 2nd place went to Jans M Schmidt from Hungary (above centre) and Ako Salemi from Iran took 3rd place (above right).

The Outstanding Contribution to photography went to Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, for a 60 year career in advertising and documentary photography, known for his candid black and white shots capturing ironic and absurd moments in everyday scenes (above). Overall Open competition winner was Armin Appel, Germany; Youth Photographer of the Year went to 19-year-old Yong Lin Tan, Malaysia; and Student Photographer of the Year went to Svetlana Blagodavera, Russia.

All the winning and shortlisted images, plus a special exhibition celebrating Elliott Erwin, will be exhibited at Somerset House, London from 24 April – 10 May.

See more of the winning and shortlisted works, plus the other images in the series featured above at

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