Soren Iverson’s satirical take on product design

The designer tweaks features on well-known apps as part of a daily side project, from previewing your Hinge date in AR to nepotism disclosures on LinkedIn. He talks to us about gaining traction on social media and what it’s brought to his design practice

At the end of last year designer Soren Iverson had some free time and created a few concepts that made fun of “how absurd” the Spotify Year In Review feature is when translated into other products such as Starbucks or US food delivery platform DoorDash. “Then I made weird product implementations on ChatGPT,” he tells CR. “Eventually I started riffing on a bunch of different apps and realised it’s a fun daily discipline and a good mental challenge.”

Iverson describes his creations as “satirical product design”. Often they’re an unnerving amalgamation of helpful life hacks and your worst nightmare. “Some of them are almost useful but just miss the mark, but a lot of them are just totally unhinged,” Iverson says. “It’s like a product manager learned how to use design tools but just missed the mark a little bit.”

All images: Soren Iverson