Cadbury explores a father and son relationship in new ad

The latest spot in the brand’s ongoing campaign by VCCP takes a more stripped down approach but is still just as effective

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s campaign There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone is now in its fifth year. The series has managed to stay on the right side of sweet but not sickly with past ads exploring a range of relationships from a mother and daughter to a neighbour and the kid next door.

Created by the team at VCCP, Speakerphone is the latest in the series, with the new spot staying true to the winning formula of digging into the relationships between people, fleeting moments of connection, and small acts of kindness.

This time Cadbury’s has tapped into the less explored father and son relationship as we see a father speak to his son after his first day at a new job, with the son having hidden a bar of Dairy Milk in the glove box of the car.

The film is directed by Steve Rogers, who helmed the previous spot Garage, which involved a father and daughter. In Speakerphone, there’s a touch more vulnerability than past spots plus a simplicity in tone, which is echoed in how stripped down the action is, with just one actor in a car and a voice on speakerphone.

Agency: VCCP
Creative Directors: Chris Birch, Jonathan Parker
Creatives: Simon Connor, Steve Cross
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Director: Steve Rogers
Editing: The Quarry
Sound: King Lear