Spike Jonze directs bizarre but brilliant new perfume ad for Kenzo

Let’s face it, perfume ads are most of the time pretty darn dull/pretentious/ridiculous or all of the above. Which is what makes this new spot for Kenzo from Spike Jonze such a joy.

screenshot from Spike Jonze Kenzo ad

While Jonze’s film may start off in typical fashion ad vein – with the camera trained on a beautiful woman at an exclusive event filled with the most privileged of society – things very quickly take a turn for the strange and the joyful thanks to an amazing performance from actor/model Margaret Qualley. Take a look below:

Spike Jonze of course has form when it comes to unexpected dance films, with the most obvious comparison to this new piece of work being his now-classic video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice from 2001 (15 years ago people!), which sees Christopher Walken cutting a rug:

But the new film also fits perfectly with Kenzo’s advertising direction of recent years. ‘Weird’ and ‘cool’ are two words regularly applied to the brand’s marketing, and justifiably so.

Below are a selection of recent short films Kenzo has released that demonstrate that – beautiful models and clothes aside – they are doing something very different in the fashion world, mixing humour with incredible art direction to produce a quirky and distinctive body of work.

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