Spin/3: Action Time Vision

A Spin project

The third in design studio Spin’s occasional, self-published series of papers, Action Time Vision, presents a survey of Punk singles covers. Familiar territory, you might think, but the accent here is on the margins as much as it is on the mainstream.

Although familiar favourites such as The Undertones and The Clash are all present and correct, there are also covers from the likes of Cash Pussies (and who could forget their single 99% Is Shit?), The Desperate Bicycles and Nazis Against Fascism. “Punk didn’t arrive as a fully-formed design stereo­type,” says Spin creative director, Tony Brook. “There was a lot of weird, wonderful stuff out there.”

Over 48 newsprint pages, the full flavour of Punk’s graphic onslaught is revealed thanks in part to Russ Bestley from lcc whose considerable seven-inch collection helped fill in any gaps left by Spin’s own hoard. Bestley also contributed an essay on Punk graphics while Malcolm Garrett (whose Buzzcocks sleeves no such collection should be without) has also written a foreword.

Action Time Vision will be available to buy from spin.co.uk (£4).


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