Spintank has designed a slick bike motif for Lyon’s new cycling routes

The vivid new identity reflects the freedom of embarking on a bike ride through the French city’s new Les Voies Lyonnaises cycling network

Opened in September this year, the new 250km network – which will comprise 12 routes by 2026 – promises Lyon residents a safer set of cycle lanes, and is named, says Spintank president Nicolas Vanbremeersch, to suggest “a sense of status and importance within the public space”.

The paths are separated from roads and pavements, intended to connect key destinations using obstacle-free routes, and include essential biking equipment such as inflation stations and water fountains.

To establish its place, the French agency has created a new identity for the network, which is designed to be fluid and easily understandable, to help encourage people to embrace cycling.

At its heart is a bike-shaped monoline motif that blends together the infinity symbol, which has been repurposed as tyres, with a set of handlebars.

“The goal is for everyone to be able to recognise, reuse and draw the design with ease,” says the studio. “It evokes cycling, cycling routes, openness and freedom.”

According to Spintank, the identity offers a “positive, friendly and inclusive vision of the change we need to make in mobility”. It features in a teaser ad campaign that appeared across Lyon, as well as on social media, encouraging residents to participate.