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Travelling in a hotel lift has just become a little more interesting

Travelling in a hotel lift has just become a little more interesting – if you visit the Standard Hotel in New York that is, where a video artwork by artist Marco Brambilla and production company Crush can be enjoyed by guests from the end of February onwards.

The installation depicts a journey from hell to heaven using a combi­nation of computer-enhanced found footage and computer-generated 3d imagery. Going by the stills from the film shown below, the resulting film appears to be a vision of heaven and hell as imagined by the mind of a 1970s prog rock artist.

“The first phase was the longest and most involved because it was all about researching and then  sampling the film clips,” says Brambilla of making the work. “I then put together both a chrono-logical video sequence of the ‘journey’ from hell to heaven and Photoshopped collages using still images to create the composition. Crush [translated] this into motion using the video clips as loops.”

The film will play on a high-defini­tion monitor which will be seen through a viewing port in each of the elevators at the hotel and move according to the direction of the elevator.

Artist: Marco Brambilla. Production company: Crush, Toronto


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