Stanley & Marvin: another tale in type

Stanley & Marvin, Brighten the Corners’ second venture into making children’s books illustrated entirely from type, has just been published

Brighten the Corners‘ second venture into making books illustrated entirely from type has just been published. In it, Stanley returns home after some time away to find that his sister has had a baby, his brother-in-law has a moustache and his dog, Marvin, doesn’t get walked anymore…

Written and illustrated by BTC’s Billy Kiosoglou, with typography from the studio’s Frank Philippin, Stanley & Marvin uses type in the same way as their previous effort, Victor & Susie (that we wrote about here).

“We like to reduce things to their most basic elements when we design and we have kept to this principle with our story,” explains Kiosoglou. “We like every mark to ‘do a job’ on the page rather than just decorate it.”

Stanley & Marvin deals with the inevitability of change – parents grow old, brother-in-laws can sprout silly facial hair – but reassures younger readers of the importance of friendships which last, as shown in Stanley’s love for his typographic pooch Marvin. Aaaah.

The 80-page pocket book (8x13cm) costs £5 plus p&p and is available from the Brighten the Corners shop.

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