On ‘Hubris Syndrome’ and why it destroys success and corrupts creativity

Status destroys success and corrupts creativity, says Tanya Livesey, Leadership Coach and Global Head of Creative Talent at The Talent Business. She shares some strategies for combating Hubris Syndrome

That power corrupts is not news.  We are deluged daily with stories of the shocking behaviour of those with status and power. ‘Hubris Syndrome’ as it’s been dubbed (the opposite of Imposter Syndrome), is when the perception of power leads those in its thrall to believe so much in their own self-importance that they act as though a different set of rules apply to them. However, in Greek tragedy, hubris was the pride that comes before the fall.  A crime of power that was always punished by the gods.

You don’t need to be a powerful politician or Hollywood star to be vulnerable to power’s more insidious effects. If you lead a team or business, or if through promotions or accolades you’ve been made to feel special or expert in any way, then the tentacles of hubris can reach far closer to home. We are all susceptible to pride but left unchecked, an unrestrained ego can not only undermine your success, it can corrupt your creativity too.