Stay Home Heroes for Heroes Charity by David Boni and Sam McElwee

Honourable Mention – Advertising

The Stay Home Heroes campaign was created during the UK lockdown in spring 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim was to create a playful and positive campaign that emphasised the ‘heroic act’ that the ordinary people of Britain were making by following the lockdown rules. Twenty-six professional photographers were enlisted to shoot portraits that offered a quirky look into the mundanity of lockdown, glorifying domestic acts as heroic triumphs that help to save lives and protect the NHS.

In order to comply with the restrictions of lockdown, flatmates and partners of the photographers became models; makeup artists and stylists were dialled in to consult; and art directors and tech assistants advised via Zoom. In two weeks, more than 100 images were created, which were shared on social media and also appeared on digital billboards across the UK.

Photographers: Sam McElwee, David Boni
Agency: Iris Worldwide
Client: Heroes Charity
Executive Creative Director: Grant Hunter
Creative Director: Ross Taylor
Executive Producers: Lu Howlett, Dawn Moretti
Design Director: David Missen
Planner: Florence Evans
PR: Fran Derry, Rachel Allison, Poppy Richards, Rachel Geraghty;