A fashion-forward new look for Stella Artois

We hear from the brand’s long-time collaborator JKR about why they leant into both high and low culture when bringing its new brand world to life

To say Stella Artois’ brand image has gone on a journey over the last two decades would be somewhat of an understatement. Despite the Belgian beer’s Reassuringly Expensive tagline being introduced in the 1980s, the name Stella inadvertently became associated with binge drinking and violence in the following years, even earning it the nickname ‘wife beater’ in the UK. In 2007, the brand overhauled its entire strategy with the aim of becoming more premium, reintroducing its full name and placing a stronger emphasis on heritage.

More recently, the brand has also placed increasing importance on creativity in its marketing, whether through its unexpected collab with cult skate brand Palace in 2021, or its recent campaign with Hospitality Action, which saw it tap up artists to reimagine pub signs in the nude – inspired by its unfiltered lager’s ‘au naturel’ launch campaign.