Stephen Gill on the value of self-publishing

On the publication of The Pillar, a new photographic series four years in the making, photographer Stephen Gill reflects on the importance and opportunities inherent in self-publishing his works through his imprint Nobody Books

“Self-publishing a book allows you to see things through,” the British photographer Stephen Gill says.

Gill is a renowned photographer. But he’s also developed a reputation in the publishing world too. For the last 14 years, he has self-published each photography series he has developed. And he has done so with success and extensive critical acclaim.

Publishing is difficult. Binding books in a way that does justice to the work within – but also makes financial sense and allows an artist to turn a profit – is a multifaceted skillset. It must be tempting for designers, photographers or artists to make use of all the apparatus that comes with a professional publishing house – not to mention an in-house PR team and a wide distribution network.

So why self-publish?