The changing landscape of fashion design

Self-taught digital artist Stephy Fung is using her platform to create ornate digital garments that show how technology might reshape the fashion industry

The world of digital fashion has its origins in gaming, where avatar-based games often allow players to dress and style their digital personas. It goes beyond playing dress-up, though, and is becoming another way for people to express themselves online. So it makes sense that digital fashion is becoming an emerging industry in the creative landscape.

One creative leading the way is Stephy Fung, a London-based digital fashion artist, content creator and educator. Fung ­initially studied graphic design at university and then slowly moved into motion design and 3D, finding static editorial and posters less exciting than design with moving parts.

After graduating, Fung joined digital design collective Digi-Gxl, which was commissioned by Selfridges to digitise a physical clothes collection. “At that point, I didn’t know what digital fashion was, but I was able to help with the camera animation, creating the 3D scene, and texturing. It was my first time seeing digital fashion used that way,” Fung tells CR.

Top: Dell Expand Your Youniverse global campaign, 2022; Above: Stephy Fung in Jade outfit, 2022