Sticker-tastic new video for The Shins

Thousands of stickers make up this ace new video for The Shins’ track Half A Million, directed by Lamar + Nik.

The Shins

It can be difficult to feature a band in a video in an interesting way these days, but this new promo for The Shins from directors Lamar + Nik pulls off this feat, by animating the band members using stickers.

The stickers make for a highly entertaining watch, but spare a thought for just how long it would have taken to create: according to the directing duo it was made by initially filming the band on a white backdrop, editing and then printing it all out. The video was then “created with 5,566 stickers, hand cut from the 4,868 frames and animated by sticking them down on top of each other at each of the 40+ locations”.

The Shins
The Shins
The Shins

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