Wine brand Stompy wants you to “sip more, snob less”

&Walsh’s branding for the wine subscription service strives to shake up the stuffy world of wine

Stompy is a new wine subscription service offering curated selections based on individual tastes. The branding was led by New York-based creative agency &Walsh, which came up with the naming – based on the traditional wine-making practice of grape stomping – and the wider visual identity.

The wordmark is a far cry from the sweeping handwriting and traditional serifs once associated with the wine market, instead opting for an extruding, sloped typeface.

The custom Stompy type design complements the punchy palette, the straight-talking tone, and the suite of quirky illustrations that appear on stickers.

The heavy repetition of type has become a common trope in contemporary branding, but for once it actually seems in service of the brand, and feels like a fitting embodiment of the ‘stompy’ concept.

The packaging speaks to the novice wine lover in all of us with labels categorised not by grape variety, region or vintage, but colour and fizz: Red, White, Orange, Rosé or Sparkling. The informality of the branding and packaging is carried through to the photography, which has the careful art direction you’d expect from &Walsh, but has no qualms about showing a ring mark or two.

Stompy joins a number of players in the wine market that are working to refresh the image of the category and entice a new generation of customers, from wine investment company Cult to London institutions like Noble Rot. It reflects a broader shift in the culinary world away from overt luxury towards a more down-to-earth spirit.

Photograph of a stack of pink coasters with Stompy branding by &Walsh
Photograph of the Stompy mobile website alongside a glass of wine, part of Stompy's branding by &Walsh
Photograph of a bottle of rosé wine, part of Stompy's branding by &Walsh
Photograph of two phones showing the Stompy branding by &Walsh
Photograph of Stompy branded paper bags designed by &Walsh
Image of Stompy's colourful brand materials by &Walsh