Story café’s branding celebrates people’s love of a good tale

Coffees come with their own stories at this Sydney café, which turns napkins, packaging, receipts and cups into homes for mini narratives

For The People designed the branding for the Story café, which studio founder Jason Little says “pays respect to the legacy of storytelling” via various narrative forms such as screenplays, haikus and short stories.

“Every point of interaction becomes a jumping off point into a new type of story,” he explains. “A conversation over a flat white might become a love affair, for example, or a croissant might become the treasured prize to fight over.”

The stories – created by For The People writers Mat Groom and Daniel St Vincent – accompany a palette of pastel pinks and yellows, contrasted by darker blues, browns and reds.

The studio has also designed a horned monster mascot to watch over the café – apparently representative of the “great unknown of stories yet to be told”.


Milton Keynes