Street art exhibition, Dundee

No, not street art in the Banksy sense – but art exhibited in the streets – on fly-poster sites…

No, not street art in the Banksy sense – but art exhibited in the streets – on fly-poster sites…

Superfly, the brainchild of designer and illustrator Jon Gill, is an exhibition of fly-posted artworks currently running on the streets of Dundee.

Dundee has an abundance of fly posters advertising, bands, gigs, shows, exhibitions, clubs, etc,” says Gill, “so why shouldn’t the artists who created these posters, or any other artist for that matter, get to show their work in this space? Street advertising services do a fantastic job managing the poster space legally, with the consent of the local council, so why not make use of this system for art, not just commerce?”

And (above) is one of the artworks submitted to the Superfly exhibition

Gill set up website earlier this year (a link to the call for entries was posted in the Monitor section of this blog in the summer) and encouraged submissions from artists, designers and photographers. The artwork went up a couple of weeks ago, displayed in special exhibit posters labelled clearly as Superfly posters so people looking at large swathes of fly posters around the city can easily spot which ones are part of the project. Here are a few photos showing posters in situ on the streets of Dundee – where they will remain on show until November 1. 

To have a look through the submitted artwork and to find out more about the project, visit


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