Real estate platform StreetEasy launches Renaissance-style ads

New York real estate search engine StreetEasy has partnered with Mother on a new campaign aimed at the city’s prospective home buyers

StreetEasy’s new campaign, Let The Journey Begin, captures the trials, tribulations and victories of the home buying process in New York City, which is often a costly, drawn-out affair.

Led by StreetEasy’s internal team and creative agency Mother New York, the campaign nods to this emotionally charged journey through the use of visuals created in the style of Renaissance paintings, which are known for their intricate detail and dramatic renderings of light and shadow.

The creative team felt this style reflected the ups and downs that buyers go through as they search for their perfect home, and enlisted Buck as an artistic partner to bring the concept to life over the course of several months.

“Juxtaposing Renaissance painting style with modern situations specific to NYC buyers, the campaign mixes old world with new in a way that is uniquely reflective of life in New York,” explains the creative team.

Found across the campaign are seven key moments that typically crop up in this journey, “from the moment of deciding whether to renew a lease, to the search across the five boroughs with an expert agent at the helm, to the moment of getting the keys and becoming your own landlord”.

Not only do the visuals show StreetEasy’s deep understanding of the process, they also feature Easter eggs that will be familiar to New Yorkers, including Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar and Leh-Boy.

Such surprises are crucial to the success of the campaign, says Nedal Ahmed, executive creative director at Mother New York. “Advertising to New Yorkers is an interesting creative challenge. On one hand, you have a population capable of tuning out almost anything. On the other hand, you have a savvy audience who can appreciate a clever ad that speaks to their experiences, which StreetEasy certainly has a track record of doing.”

“Let The Journey Begin touches on a uniquely New York problem, and does it in a style that will stand out in the city’s sea of distractions,” adds Ahmed.

With this in mind, StreetEasy has chosen to roll out the campaign across digital and social channels, but also on MTA subway cars, key subway stations (Broadway/Lafayette), taxi tops, and on the walls of streets such as Wythe, N 14th, Spring and Lafayette. Through doing so, they hope to target New Yorkers in the heart of their city.