Striking new video for Visionist by Frederik Heyman

Director Frederick Heyman has created an intense video for new track Value from Visionist, which sees the musician inserted multiple times into dramatic rescue scenes.

Value, a new track from electronic artist Visionist, was inspired by the musician’s experience of dealing with anxiety. “The theme of the track Value is about coming from a place of unrest caused by others and overcoming that through self-belief to a point of inner peace,” he says.

To express this in video form, director Frederik Heyman has created a number of scenes based on real press images of scenes of rescue. These are then brought to life using 3D scanning as a series of digital installations, where Visionist appears as everyone in the scenes. The result is an unnerving portrait of inner suffering and drama.

“We started from real press images as a reference,” says Heyman of how the video was made. “These were epic and dramatic scenes of people in need of saving.

“In my work, I start from 3D scans, import them into a digital studio, and create photo-real virtual installations,” he continues. “I scan figures, set pieces, and props using photogrammetry, and bring them together as a ‘virtual collage’.

“Working with Visionist I used this process. I scanned him numerous times in my studio in Antwerp. He re-enacted the reference images, in which he was repeated as every character. After importing the scans in the digital studio, the surroundings were sculpted. The final scene in the blue deprivation tank and the shots on the TV screens are the only real footage, the rest is all rendered.”


The experience of playing all the different characters was physically demanding. “I learnt the act of staying still which took a lot of core-body strength, and quickly allowing yourself to be comfortable in a stranger’s close proximity,” says Visionist.

“Being in all these different scenarios creates this weird voyeurism of watching myself save myself,” he continues, “almost allowing me to step out of my own headspace.”

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